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Gigi Monroe began her drag journey in the hotbed of female impersonation, Atlanta, GA. Following in the heelprints of such legendary southern drag queens as Charlie Brown, Lady Bunny and Ru Paul, Gigi made her way into the world in 2004. Winning Charlie Brown's Drag Idol contest in 2005 gave her the opportunity to burst onto the scene, ready to shake things up and usher in a new generation of drag. Committed to the illusion of female impersonation and taking the time to learn every aspect of drag - from costuming to music editing - Gigi had much success in the local Atlanta drag scene. Touring to every southern town that had a gay bar, a restaurant, a dry cleaner...anywhere that would host a show, Gigi was there. From pageants to hosting trivia to entertaining at circuit parties, she did it all!

In 2008, she got her first opportunity to enter a new world of drag - celebrity impersonation drag - and took a residency as an actor in the famed "Carnival Cabaret" show in Lake Tahoe's Horizon Casino. It was there she was taught the art of using makeup to transform into a celebrity. First up - Liza Minnelli. Through studying every aspect of Liza, Gigi found a new niche and would eventually become one of the nation's leading Liza Minnelli impersonators, featured on HGTV's "Dina's Party". Hungry for more characters to try, Gigi took on Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Cher, Madonna, and Reba McEntire, landing her another position on the cast of Greg Thompson's "Jewel Box Revue" at the Seven Feathers Casino in Southern Oregon. Over five seasons with JBR, Gigi continued to hone the art of portraying multiple characters in one show. "Quick-change" was Gigi's M.O. and in between seasons in Oregon, she traveled the country with her specialized act of bringing multiple popular celebrities to life on stage.

Gigi joined the “who’s who” of resident drag entertainers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2017, with the launch of two scripted shows - “Legends, Stars and Divas” and “DIVAriety” with Delighted Tobehere. Combining celebrity impersonation, comedy and live singing, these theatrical revues have served as a tremendous creative outlet and challenge.


With the launch of her drag wig-styling business, Gigi Monroe Designs in 2013, Gigi is busier than ever. Now based in Juneau, Alaska, Gigi enjoys traveling to the lower 48 and beyond to perform, but is also focused on fostering a community of drag artists and fans at home. A true showgirl at heart, Gigi is always ready to put on show, make people feel embraced and hopefully, change a mind or two. You can catch Gigi at least once a month with her drag spawn packing out the Rendezvous Bar in downtown Juneau!

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